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  • Let’s Talk About Skin Care Products

    May 26, 2014

    By Steven Hutchings Anyone who’s been to Italy knows that what Michelangelo could do with a fresh canvas was nothing short of spectacular. The Statue of David. The Sistine Chapel. The man was an artist whose works inspire us centuries after his death. Guess what? Your body has a canvass too. You’re wearing it. And if […]

  • What is Argan Oil?

    By Steven Hutchings Google ‘Moroccan Oil’ and you’ll get about 14 million hits. But I’ll save both you and the Berber women of Morocco some grief with some quick advice: Don’t buy it. Buy Argan instead. What’s the difference? And why the hype about Moroccan, er, argan oil in the first place? Aside from the obvious fact that […]

  • An Introduction to Skin Brightening

    By Steven Hutchings There are two things you need to know about skin brightening and the many things that women will do for amazing complexion. First, avoid the sun. Second, steer clear of most skin brightening creams, peels and other treatments that consumers pursue in their $150 billion a year quest for great complexion. Use a […]

  • Why You Should Use a Skin Toner

    By Steven Hutchings Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Toners are for printers. Heard it? It’s a popular mantra among some in the skin care industry, yet a call to arms for others. You’ll encounter two sides to the toner debate. On the one side are the skeptics. They’re the ones who think it’s an unnecessary […]

  • The Best Remedies For Acne May Be Natural

    By Steven Hutchings Remember those days in high school when acne would flare up at the worst possible time? Maybe it was on picture day. And if that was the case, the photographer could at least touch up the image so the pimple in question wouldn’t make its way through the annals of time via your […]

  • How to Get Rid of a Scar

    By Steven Hutchings Scars can form on the body from just about any trauma to the skin. But it’s the psychological scars they sometimes cause that make them most troublesome. Scarring results from an over or under-production of collagen during the healing phase of wound repair; it’s a biological process of four stages that, depending on […]

  • All About Stretch Marks

    By Steven Hutchings They’re red, they’re angry and many folks have them. But perhaps the worst thing about stretch marks is they often develop on the sexier parts of the human anatomy and they reveal where you’ve been. For the record, striae, or stretch marks, are a form of scarring, characterized by an off-color hue. They develop […]